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growth factor

CGF is clinically proven to protect collagen and elastin fibers from enzymes that destroy them.

Active stem cells

Active Stem cells contain all the benefical markers that a specific plant carries. Being able to isolate and amplify these benefits up to 1000 times their natural bioavailability makes stem cell science so unique.

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Acure Organics is proud to offset 100% of our carbon footprint with is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) and is a leader in the fight against global warming. Their slogan is "Reduce what you can, offset what you can't" and they encourage all of us to find ways to reduce our individual carbon footprint.
How it works
There has been a bit of confusion as to what exactly a “carbon offset” is. People often mistake purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) as an expectation that green energy is somehow getting delivered to their house. This is not the case. The goal is a shift in the overall energy grid, moving the overall energy consumption of the community or country as a whole away from non-renewable sources. Though you may live in Georgia, your purchase of REC’s may come from a wind farm in Minnesota. The energy is provided to that community, but shifts the national energy grid away from non-renewable sources like coal, which, in turn, benefits you and your community. This also helps lower the cost of renewable energy for us all. CO2 emissions affect us globally. Offsetting a ton of CO2 in France has the same global impact as offsetting a ton of CO2 in your backyard.

Why Should We Do This?

Carbon dioxide emissions are causing drastic changes around the globe. Everyday in the news there are headlines regarding the endangerment of a new species due to the increases in global temperature—and we might be next. Global temperatures are rising like never before, glaciers are vanishing and weather is becoming more extreme. Most people feel powerless to do anything in regards to this problem. But REC’s make it possible for an individual to have a real, measurable impact of the greenhouse gases emitted into the environment. Most REC’s represent a fixed amount of energy, usually around 1000 kWh. A person can purchase REC’s to neutralize the impact of their home, car and business. The car you drive still burns gasoline and your home might be heated by coal but the environmental impact of these things is offset in the overall energy grid with your purchase of REC’s.

Renewable Energy Needs Our Help

The government likes to claim that it is helping to subsidize renewable energy. This, however, needs to be put in perspective. A report for the National Commission on Energy Policy quoted a low-end estimate for subsidies to non-renewable energy such as oil and coal at 64 billion dollars. Wind energy subsidies in the same year were only 155 million dollars--less than 1% of the total. This has been the case since 1916 when the federal government began subsidizing oil companies. The oil companies are operating at record profits, wreak horrible environmental damage, and gas prices have never been higher, however, they are still operating under the same subsidies with taxpayers paying billions to fund a sector largely capable of operating profitably without anyone’s help. Large oil companies enjoy corporate tax breaks, paying only 11% as compared to the 18% that other corporate sectors must pay. The playing field needs to be leveled.

What We Do

Acure Organics has offset more than 70,000 pounds of CO2 this year to ensure that we are 100% carbon neutral. We not only offset our manufacturing and  operations, but also our travel. Acure Organics has partnered with to offset all of our energy usage with renewable sources. is a nonprofit organization that educates the public about the dangers of climate change and makes it easy and affordable for individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce their climate impact. They are reducing the threat of climate change by promoting low-cost carbon reductions and supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects that reduce and offset carbon dioxide emissions.

What you can do

We encourage you to visit their website at, calculate your carbon footprint and offset your carbon emissions. While we realize that this is only the beginning when it comes to reducing your entire ecological footprint, offsetting you carbon emissions is a great place to start!
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