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growth factor

CGF is clinically proven to protect collagen and elastin fibers from enzymes that destroy them.

Active stem cells

Active Stem cells contain all the benefical markers that a specific plant carries. Being able to isolate and amplify these benefits up to 1000 times their natural bioavailability makes stem cell science so unique.

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Mirror Project
Join us on the mirror project road tour at select Whole Foods Markets! What is it about yourself that you are the most self conscious about? Come to our mirror project demos now through June 2013 and let's turn that perceived flaw into your favorite feature!


We use as many certified organic ingredients as possible. Many of our products are also USDA certified organic and bear the USDA seal.


We use only plant and plant-derived natural ingredients in our formulas. Keeping things as close to the natural state is not only healthier for you and the planet but also makes for more effective products.


We guarantee that all of our products meet the standards for no animal testing. We do not conduct animal testing and do not purchase ingredients from companies that test on animals to ensure that our entire supply chain is cruelty free. All of our products are Vegan except for our Line Eraser and Lip Balm, which use certified organic beeswax, and Night Cream and Radical Wrinkle Complex, which use milk and sugar enzymes, also known as
glucose oxidase and lactoperoxidase, as a preservative.


Green-e Certified Renewable Energy through to offset all aspects of operations.



Any paper we use is either 100% recycled or Forest Stewardship Council certified from sustainably managed forests. This certification lets customers know that we use sustainably managed paper products that use no elemental chlorine bleach and have high recycled content.


Synthetic fragrance is one of the most toxic substances allowed in skin care ingredients. It is also found in many so-called "natural" products as well. Synthetic fragrances can contain up to 150 unnamed ingredients such as phthalates and formadehyde donors. We only use 100% steam distilled, pure plant essential oils to scent.


Each of our products is free of wheat ingredients.


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